Collaboration is Key

A major part of my role on the drawing and renderings team was the selection and applying of materials. With both of the other teams also relying on this information, team work and coordination with them was critical to ensure consistency. It was also a challenge having to coordinate with them because if the drawings and renderings team changed the design, it also affected the other groups work. Ensuring that all of the work is consistent is crucial to having a successful project. I think having strong ties with each of my classmates made this challenge a lot more manageable. I also took on the task of developing much of the exterior deliverables for this project.

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After a semester of working on the Dining Hall, I am extremely proud of not only what I learned and accomplished, but my entire class. This was my first project working with a real client. Although it presented itself with its challenges, it gave me a better sense of what the architecture profession is like in real life.


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