Saying Good-bye to Dining Wild


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I will never forget my time working hand and hand with Will, Molly, Craig and all of my classmates. We spent the semester wrestling with a great project on the most challenging site. In the beginning, I documented the beauty of the native flowers that were part of the landscape of our site. The next step, was the back and forth debate for a floor plan. We needed a floor plan that would accommodate the needs of the project and keep it true to the spirit of the Steger Wilderness Center. With my group we created the Pinwheel. A building plan characterized by its relationship around two datum lines. I worked hard to model a kitchen I thought would mimic the history of the lodge with the modifications for the new kitchen. From there our whole class worked together to create one final product. We spent our final weeks, pulling together all of the details to make the Dining Hall a success. Specifically, I had the opportunity to spec out the materials, fixtures and equipment for the building. I listened to my first rep call to spec out the commercial appliances and research about all of the mechanical units. Thanks to Craig, we actually had mechanical units to discuss! I successfully used Photoshop to create our green roof. I got to work with the modeling group to shou sugi ban wood to create the exterior of our building. I quickly, coordinated with the planning group to find the last minute fixtures that matched their renderings. In the end, I learned a lot and appreciated the help from my classmates and Molly. We worked as a team and grew from each others strengths. Seeing the joy and excitement from Will in our final presentation made everything worth it in the end. I was honored to work with Will and hope that our class can continue to work with him as we were all inspired by the spirit of his work. Thank you Will and Molly for the opportunity for this project!


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